Counselling for Couples – No Shame in it, it’s how things are sorted out

Counselling for Couples – No Shame in it, it’s how things are sorted out

Is Going to a Marriage Counsellor a sign of a Failing Marriage?

People have this perception or you can say mindset where people think that marriage is failing if a couple decides to go to marriage counselling. This is where people are wrong, visiting a marriage counsellor is not a sign of a failing relationship between two partners no matter if they are married or not. It means that the couple is having some misunderstandings and they are trying to work it out instead of giving up on it without even trying to sort the problems out. Marriage is a beautiful thing and things are not always like a bed of roses which blooms counsellor. It has its ups and downs and sometimes the downs need more than just a talk, it needs help, and that’s what a couple counsellor provides.

Divorce and Failed relationships

The international price of divorce by using the 7th 12 months of dating is 50%; for second marriages, the divorce price is 70%. Clearly, couples can gain from mastering greater effective courting talents for a glad, lengthy, and successful marriage thru counselling. Don’t grow to be a statistic, but alternatively, paintings with our crew in Thailand to develop the abilities for a successful marriage with our counselling therapists.


All in the Family Counselling marriage counsellors will teach you the way to fulfil the desires of everyone in a dating. Unlike most therapy classes that just display your incompatibility, the counselling for couples offerings we provide in Thailand teach you powerful abilities to control expectancies, battle, and conversation.

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